Marine Canary

DeepSlope Explorations, Ulrich Lobsiger

US Patent 6,119,630


The present invention relates to early warning systems for monitoring coastal water quality, and more particularly, it relates to a portable submersible apparatus for in situ monitoring the quality of habitat of aquatic organisms, or for in situ detecting lethal and sublethal pollution in inland or sea water.


An installation for in situ monitoring the quality of a habitat of aquatic organisms with minimal disturbance to the aquatic organisms. In a first aspect of the present invention, the monitoring installation uses invertebrate sentinel species such as mussels, clams, oysters and scallops. The monitoring installation comprises broadly, a buoy; a mooring and a monitoring apparatus comprising; a framework having an upper end connected to the buoy and a lower end connected to the mooring. There is also provided a camera attached to the framework. The camera is adapted for underwater operation and has image data generating and transmitting capabilities for transmitting a number of images to a remote receiver. A support structure is detachably mounted to the framework and has rotary retainers for movably supporting one or more socks of mollusks in front of the camera.